Illinois Holocaust Museum | Make a Difference!



Make a Difference! is a youth exhibition which addresses the lessons of the Holocaust. What choices can a bystander make to become an "Upstander"? What choices have other people made after witnessing injustice and reaching an "enough" moment? Visitors take the perspective of a bystander/upstander while exploring the topic of bullying. The exhibition provides a safe context for students and families to practice making decisions related to standing up for themselves and others.  

Interactive Bystander Scenario


One frog is getting bullied. It's your job to figure out what to do about it. Students tend to start by using their shadows to deflect balls thrown by the bully. Eventually they move around the room and nudge the "bystander" frogs out of the pond. Once they join the victim, the bully leaves the scene.

Group Reflection and Voting


After the situation is resolved, an interactive screen prompts children to think about the story. Who was the bystander? Who became an upstander?  What did they do to become an upstander?  For each question, they cast a vote by casting their shadows onto one of three answers.


Illinois Holocaust Museum | Director of Program Services

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center – Skokie, IL – 2010 to 2011

Director of Program Services  

Reported to president and CEO as part of the senior management team. Supervised 15 full-time and part-time staff. Oversaw exhibitions, collections, education, and marketing departments and presented metrics to the board of directors. Gained experience in branding, marketing, public relations, and advertising and oversaw implementation of the organization’s first museum-wide branding campaign encompassing billboard design, bus placards, and print and online media. Served as liaison to Exhibit and Programs Committee of the board. Led the  $1 million Harvey L. Miller Family Make a Difference! anti-bullying initiative and successfully implemented an exhibition, outreach programs, and a symposium for Chicago-area high school principals. 

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